Short Poems

A Celtic Lyric
A Hymn of Zoroaster
A Message from the Gobi
A Modern Gita
A Pesach Message and Greeting
A Psalm of Prophecy
Abdul Baha
Ajmir and Miraj
Apollo and Cassandra
Blessed Are They
Cantos Ramona
Children's Poetry—More Gay Stories
Children's Poetry—Shorts
Children's Poetry—Sketches
Children's Poetry—Twenty Pages
Cipango's Doom
Cry! Cry in the Name!
Economic Democracy
Excerpt from the Book of Science
God Calls
He Who Desires to Write a Sutra
Heart and Mind
Heaven of Noah
Hither Ye Sadhu!
Holy Murshid's Song to His Mureeds
Hymn on the Three Truths
Hymns of Creation
I Saw God
Introduction to 'Nirtya Gita'
Man's Journey
Mary Siegrist
Muir Woods at Thanksgiving
Naidine Fifteen
O Murshida
Ode to Madame Curie
On Murshida's Birthday
Out of the Dust
Paranirvana Day
Pebbles from Sukhavati
Poems to the New China
Poetry for University Class
Poetry Fragments 1
Poetry Fragments 2
Poetry Fragments 3
Poetry Fragments 4
Poetry Fragments 5
Psalm on a Theme
Rauzat - Us - Safa
Rise Oh Man
Salem (Or World Peace Through Religion)
Sand and Glass I
Sand and Glass II
Sat-Darshana Bhashya
Seek God
Selection from 'The Garden of Purity'
Selections from 'The Black Christ'
Shri Ramakrishna
Sketches for 'Carols of Artists' Embassy'
Song of the Chatterer
Symphony Number One for Victory
Taj 1962
Teacher and Disciple
The Birch
The Dance of the Soul
The Darga of Selim Chisthi
The Diwan of Samuel Leonard Lewis
The First Sun Ray
The Flute Player
The Grotto Sanctuary
The Hay Ride!
The Heart is Dancing
The Heavenly Bell
The House of Tansen
The Maypole
The Mystic's prayer
The Pilgrim
The Poet's Prayer
The Prophet's Return
The Tale of 1-Eye, 2-Eyes, 3-Eyes, and Argus-Eyed
The Whirling Dervish
There Is No Deity but He
Three Are the Stages of Religion
Through the Valley of Humiliation
To a Pianist
To Julie Medlock
To Me Hath Been Granted a Garden
To Meher Baba
To S.P.
To the Nizam
Twixt Leulah Land and the Celestial Country
Untitled Poem 1
Untitled Poem 2
Untitled Poem 3
Untitled Poem 4
When the Heart of Man Is Opened
Who Are the Bandits?
Who Crucified Jesus?