A Modern Sufi Looks at Aurobindo
A Proposal for Peace in South Asia
Allegory II
An Examination of the Panchaskandas
Art and Music
Autobiograhical Notes
Bagh Shalimar
Baraka—Direct Experience
Beauty in the One and the Many
Bharata En Avant!
Blessed Messiah Jesus Speaks
Care of the Body
Chinese Influence on Japanese Art
Communications with Inayat Khan
Deep Japanese Buddhism and Architecture
Dharma Transmission
Discourse on Arsh
Downward is but One Direction
Early Arabian Art
Easter Greatings
Eight Lessons on Breath
Essays on Music and Cosmic Evolution
Fin Du Siecle
Forty Lessons on Breath
From the Master Jesus
Genuine Mystical Experience vs. Pseudo-Mystical Experience
Greek Pottery
How California Can Help the Orient
How to be a Buddhist?  How to be a Buddha!
In Quest of the Super Miraculous
Incense From Roshis
India and the Abolition of War
India United
Integrative Program for Peace in the Near East
Intimate Relationships
Intimations of Immortality
Introduction to Astrological Yoga Dances
Introduction to Soviet Science and Psychology
Jesus Christ, Yes! Santa Claus, No!
Last Letter to Sufi Barkat Ali
Lessons on Cosmogony II
Letter to My Aunt
Letter Written for Rabia Martin
Logic of the Finite and Infinite Universal Laws (version 2)
Luther Burbank
Meditation on 'Yom'
Meditations on the Diwan of Shamsi-Tabriz
Metaphysics of Sound
Music According to D'Olivet
My Dearest Grandson
Nada Brahma
Notes from 'In Portals of Indian Universities'
Notes on Rumi
On Abraham and Other Matters
On Channeling, Tasawurri and Telepathy
On the Translation of Sanskrit Terms
On the Vital Force
On the Word Eternity in the New Testament
Outline of an Artists' Guild
Paper I On the name of God
Paper II (Missing)
Paper III Zikr
Paper IV Pesach Passover
Paper V Bible Thoughts
Paper VI Nufs
Paper VII My Lesson in Spiritual Cosmogony and Astronomy
Paper VIII Reincarnation
Paper IX Will
Paper X Logic of the Finite and Infinite Universal Laws
Paper XI Beauty
Psychism and Mysticism
Psychism—It's Dangers and Benefits
Reconstruction of Muslim Philosophy
Religion and Anthropology
Review of 'Asian Drama'
Review of 'Beyond Vietnam'
Review of 'Japanese Buddhism'
Review of 'Language in Thought and Action'
Review of 'Religion in Primitive Society'
Review of 'Soil Fertility'
Review of 'Systems of Buddhistic Thought'
Review of 'The Buddhist Sects of Japan'
Review of 'The Story of FAO'
Review of 'The Wheel of Rebirth'
Rhythm and Music
Side Notes on Sufism
Silence and the Mysteries
Six Interviews with Inayat Khan
Sound on the Metaphysical Plane
Spiritual Aesthetics
Spiritual and Dervish Dancing
Spiritual Dancing
Sri Aurobindo and Plato
Sri Aurobindo and The Age of Integration
Stages in the growth of the Heart
Tarot Notes
Teachings Received in the Silence
Ten Lessons on the Walk
The Alchemy of Words
The Art of Creation
The Bestowing of Blessing
The Book of Avatar
The Book of Cosmic Prophecy
The Book of Peace
The Book of Preparation for the Future
The Day of Days and Shingon Buddhism
The Death of God
The Dream Life and International Misunderstandings
The Existence of God
The Garden of Inayat
The Gospel for Asia
The Hippie Problem
The Huang Po Doctrine of Universal Mind
The Influence of Zen on Western Art
The Light of Zarathustra
The Metaphysics of Sound
The Paradox of Self Surrender in the Different Traditions
The Parliament of Religions
The Problems of India
The Prophet and the Spirit of Prophecy
The Psychic Tarot
The Relevance of Eastern Religions to Western Youth (Q&A)
The Shame of India
The Social Directions
The Three Great 'S's in Modern Music
The Wheel of Life
Therapeutic Importance of the Blood

Travelogue on India, Pakistan, and Egypt
Under Which Lyre
Vision and Ritual in Sufism (auto biographical)
What is the Mentorgarten?
Whitmaniana or Walt Speaks