Murshid teaches HIK: Path of Initiation and Discipleship, Chapter II, The Meaning of Initiation & HIK: Sufi Message Volume 12, The Vision of God and Man, Communicating with God.


1:44—Peace brings you the power.

2:27—Reads Path of Initiation, Chapter II, The Meaning of Initiation.

5:07—Paul Reps.

7:36—Lama Govinda.

8:55—Reads from Hazrat Ali.


10:36—“If you want to be a saint, you’ve got to get your fingernails dirty.”

15:15—“Only two things we don’t allow here: empty stomachs and cold feet.”

17:00—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey: Pakistan.

24:05—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey: Lahore.

27:25—Questions and answers.



29:45—Reads: Communicating with God, Volume 12, The Vision of God and Man.