Murshid continues the class with teachings on the moral law of the Sufis, Divine Breath, and his spiritual journey.

0:00—Continues: Moral laws of the Sufis.

2:50—Divine Breath.

4:28—Spiritual side of motherhood.

7:25—Yoga studies.

8:05—“One of the first things I learned from my teacher: never answer what you do not know. I do not give speculative answers. I tell you forthright I do not know.”

8:34—Ramdas and Mother Krishnabai.

10:00—Lama Govinda.

10:45—“This place is like a Zendo. Why, this place is a Zendo.”

12:20—Murshid Sam’s karma yoga.

15:00—Paul Reps is my spiritual twin.

15:30—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey.

21:34—“Whatever I’ve been trained in, I’m giving to the world because I’ve passed my majority. Since I’ve passed 70, I’m not holding anything back. I don’t know how long I will remain in this world. And only the Sufi teachings I keep secret—all the other teachings I’m giving out.”

28:20—Murshid Sam as stenographer of HIK’s lectures.