While reading Tales of the Dervishes (Idries Shah), Murshid leads Lord Buddha’s breath practice and answers questions.

0:00—Speaking with mureeds, Murshid Sam’s trip to Seattle.

0:40—Shamcher Beorse.

1:28—Ramnam practice story.

5:15—Tales of the Dervish (Idries Shah): The Three Truths.

9:20—Murshid tells joke.

10:15—Nyogen Senzaki.

11:00—Keeper of Senzaki’s papers.

12:30—Bulla Shah.

15:35—Heaven is wherever we are.

15:45—Amir Khusrow, robe in vision.

17:40—Murshid reads HIK: Ragas.

18:09—Oracle use in interviews.

20:50—Questions and answers.

21:00—Attachment to seeing visions in Zen? “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added unto you.”

22:00—Question about righteousness.

23:00—Path of Breath, Heart and Light.

24:00—Zen koan as practice.

25:56—Lord Buddha’s practice.

29:20—Three moral laws in Sufism: Reciprocity, Beneficence, Renunciation.