Murshid offers HIK: The Symbology of Religious Ideals: Symbology (HIK works, page 1693) &
Gatheka 12: Sufi Mysticism 1: The Mystic’s Path in Life.

0:00—Murshid answering questions.

1:52—Reads and comments: HIK: The Symbology of Religious Ideals: Symbology (HIK works, page 1693).

3:30—Naqshibandi Sufis.


6:25—“We’ve started here tonight, our actual journey into immortality. When we identify ourselves … instead of with the body, we are going to find gradually pass through the gate of life and death until it has no meaning to us, won’t scare us anymore. We identify ourselves with the body; someday we are going to lose it. If we identify ourselves with the breath, we are not going to lose it that way.”

6:55—Meditation: there is no God (breathing out) but God (breathing in).

7:50—Story about Sufi teacher and commentary.

9:40—Continues reading and commenting: HIK: Symbology of Religious Ideals: the Flute of Krishna.

10:44—Appearance of HIK to Murshid Sam: become a flute—Comments on his mystical dance.


15:44—“When you identify yourself with the breath instead of the body, you’re on the first step into your heavens. The body will pass away, the breath will continue.”

16:45—Reads and comments: Gatheka 12: Sufi Mysticism 1: the Mystic’s Path in Life.

20:00—Floating, flying and Nijinsky.

21:00—Story about party with Kyra Nijinsky.

22:18—“When your inner eye begins to operate, you do all kinds of things unconsciously, you never think, you don’t think, oh God no, no thinking. You just know what to do and you go and do it. Soon as you start thinking, you become an ego person and you know better; and, I assure you, that time I was quite a failure at being an ego person, I can tell you that.”

24:28—“In the presence of your friends, you must be absolutely harmless. Be ye wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. You’ve got to be, this is not philosophy. You’ve got to be that way! If you mix the two up, you’re hopeless, just absolutely hopeless.”

28:26—Ramdas and money.