Murshid speaks on health, longevity, emotions and healing. (This is a class fragment, possibly from 2/19/68?)

0:00—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey: India.

1:35—Pir Vilayat and mentions rejection of Six Interviews.

4:25—Elixir of life and other health/Sufi related topics.

5:13—Secret of longevity in plants that live long.

5:55—Mentions Daniel Hoffman, his book, and talks about plant and metal psychology.

9:24—The New Testament: three witnesses-water, breath and blood—All the secrets of life.

10:45—Emotions as the cause of disease: Poisons in our bodies (greed, anger, envy).

14:24—Healing by the Presence.

18:05—Story of goddaughter Saadia and Julie Medlock and conference in India.

19:49—Sufi Barkat Ali.