Murshid continues and reads HIK: Rasa Shastra: Passion and Beauty. He also reads Paul Reps’ Zen stories. Along the way, he comments on a variety of subjects.

0:00—Continues reading Rasa Shastra: Passion.

1:30—HIK’s falling in love.

2:10—HIK’s children.

3:09—Questions and answers.

6:05—Rasa Shastra: Beauty.

10:10—Murshid’s story about challenge from Lillian.

12:40—Resumes reading.

13:27—Comments on Mohammed and women.

18:29—Concentration of Sri Krishna.

19:06—Murshid’s aural Krishna meditation (short).

20:00—Murshid banters with class.

22:35—Paul Reps (“I have decided that Paul Reps and I are going to control the Western world.”)

25:06—Reads Paul Reps’ Zen story.

26:23—Fairfax rain story.

27:02—The line between magic and grace.

27:40—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey: Pakistan.

29:57—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey: another story.

31:03—Another Zen story.

31:58—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey: Japan.

32:30—Question and answer: difference and will power regarding grace and miracles.

34:18—“After all, we can overcome these material obstacles and we try all kinds of ways. The only thing I do not permit, and don’t think it is anything like you’re going to guess, nothing at all—fatigue—Isn’t that right? That’s all, it’s my fault if anybody is tired, not theirs.”
Student: “Gee Sam, you’ve sinned terribly.”
Murshid: “Oh well, why not, look at the fun I’m having.

34:57—Rabbi Glazer.

36:49—Another Zen story.

39:20—Murshid Sam story about debate between a Cardinal and Jews.


36:49—Another Zen story.

39:20—Murshid story about debate between a Cardinal and Jews.