Murshid reads Ramdas, Buddhists scriptures, HIK: Rasa Shastra: Passion, and comments on sexual relations.

0:00—Chanting Ramnam.

1:50—Talks about Ramdas.

3:00—Reads Ramdas stories: Think only about God.

5:33—God Alone Provides.

6:10—Comments about “God is Great” and Israelis.

8:00—Senzaki and student in mental hospital.

9:00—Murshid’s story about Margaret and Rose (trials of earth, water, fire, air and ether).

14:25—Grimm’s tale of “One Eye, Two Eye, Three Eye.”

16:24—“You don’t have self-realization by making divisions. I don’t even like to stop to defend injunctions: Love thy neighbor as thy self. That’s for the old people. They have to have injunctions because they won’t do it. But I don’t think we need a lot of these injunctions anymore. We are the injunctions!”

17:49—Commentary on American Buddhist churches/teachers/methods.

21:46—Assigns meditation on “special tree.”

22:00—Lord Buddha’s yoga meditation.

27:15—“Now, if you can do these things, you can go into Buddhist temples and be welcomed, whether they speak your language or not. You don’t have to have any briefing by any State Department, and be welcomed. And, I would say, you would be more than welcomed. Go in and don’t talk, just do these breaths, and they will recognize it. But don’t give any of the hog-wash that’s called Buddhism in this country or anything out of books. If you do that, you will be welcomed.”

28:00—Questions and answers.

30:00—Real freedom.

30:25—Refers to Paul Brunton.

31:57—“Breath is one, and that is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the breath and no “hocus-pocus” mis-translations are going to change that. The kingdom of God, the Holy Spirit are within you and it is the Divine Breath which is the Holy Spirit, we all breathe it in and breathe it out and don’t know it. When we get to know it, we get closer to liberation. It’s very simple. If we don’t want to be like little children to gain the kingdom of heaven, we want to get good and complex, and that’s lots of fun—I don’t object to that, but what have we got when we got?”

34:15—New Age Morals and self-understanding.

35:34—“At least I’ve had the impudence to have had self-realization in the presence of many masters, contrary to what is written in books by people who have never had any discipline.”

36:28—Reads and comments: Rasa Shastra: Passion.

39:05—“This is my point of view. I have never said to any of you either to have or not have sex, but to regard the relation as a sacred one. Now again I don’t mean that means you have to have sex to produce children. Actually, if I went through the Kama Sutra … there’s all kinds of way of using sex without bringing about children. And some day, I see no reason why this couldn’t be a part of our general education. But, the Western world refuses to accept devotion, refuses. And all this was done under what they call divine guidance. The Sufi teaching is not to do this and not to do that, but do everything as if God was present, which is quite a different thing. And God is not “fuzz,” and God is not the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, he’s not the Super International Banker or any of this nonsense that we are getting rid of. These are dualistic attitudes, and God has put faculties into us for us to try or not try, and when you get to it, He’s going to say: did you have a good time? You’ve got to answer him honestly, because He’ll know the answer. If you say “yes,” good! If you say “no,” well let’s see what we can do about it. Maybe this is anarchistical, maybe it’s wired (?) radical, maybe it’s conservative, I haven’t the slightest idea. Not the slightest.”

43:05—Murshid Sam recounts personal story and proposal tragedy.