Murshid continues the class with the Gathas on fasting and lessons from his spiritual journey.

0:00—Edible botany continued.

1:55—Reads Gatha: Fasting.

3:25—Comments on sexuality.

4:53—Sex and marriage.

9:18—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey/history (questions and answers).

9:20—Lama Govinda.

9:44—Iru Price.

10:36—Paul Reps.

10:57—Dr. Neville Warwick.

11:40—Phra Sumangalo.


13:05—Iru Price.

13:42—Murshid on his organization of teachings.

15:02—Comments about “G2” (his WWII activity).

16:34—Meher Baba and followers.

16:05—Ivy Duce.

19:10—Rom Landau/American Academy of Asian Studies.

20:55—Eugene Wagner, Master To Lun.

21:35—Denunciation of Meher Baba and his disconnect from chain of teachers.

22:19—“What I am trying to do is to get you to build up your bodies, through right breathing, right feeling, right atmosphere, right joy, right bliss, right love, not right philosophy. I don’t care what the philosophy is, understand me?”

23:45—Going to theater with dance partner to watch dancing and Murshid Sam’s projection down into the dancers on the stage.

24:12—“So I am doing this with the disciples … you succeed through them, you don’t try to stand in the way, gosh. A trunk of a tree doesn’t try to bring out the flowers.”

25:25—Indonesian dance humorous demonstration.

28:30—Eugene Wagner: Levitation.

28:55—Nijinsky and balance.