February 26, 1968. Murshid reads HIK: Boulas, Pearls From the Ocean Unseen (HIK works, page 3418).


3:03—Mentions getting Moineddin’s name.

3:22—Phra Sumangalo and Asian scholarship.

6:17—Reads and comments from Boulas (HIK works, page 3418).

12:22—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey: Dacca, Pakistan.

14:37—Intellectual aspect and mystic aspect.

14:57—Nancy Fish.

16:37—Question (Vajrayana) and Murshid answers on concentration and symbology.

19:12—“This is not an intellectual school, and the way in which you first thing is to get an appreciation, not a realization, and you may take a symbol and have a totally different type of realization as if the symbol were a key, not the end in itself.”

20:51—Reads and comments from Pearls From The Ocean Unseen—Sufism (HIK).

21:27—Talks about symbol of swastika.

25:55—“But it was Inayat Khan that took me on the path of the Bodhisattva after he had been initiated by Nyogen Senzaki. You see, mystics don’t follow the rules laid down in books.”

28:07—Tells principle on how to see into the future: “you’ve got to be scrupulously and absolutely honest with yourself.”

27:22—“How many of you have problems?”

30:12—Recounts HIK story about man pursuing a horse.

33:41—Difficulty in getting people accept Lord Buddha’s scriptures.

38:12—“The sacred names of God which can solve your problem … you would help bring about your own release … the teacher never interferes with the relation between any person and God, rather he must assist them, not get in the way.”

39:24—Refers to spiritual walks and Ramdas and HIK.

41:02—Attunement to teacher by breath.

43:51—Invocation and silence and Darood teaching.