Murshid continues with the reading on The Path of Initiation, Chapter 2, The Meaning of Initiation.

0:00—Reads from Path of Initiation.

2:45—“See, there’s only two things we don’t allow here … empty stomachs and cold feet.”

4:34—Pir Dewwal Shereef (spiritual journey and initiation in Lahore).

9:50—“Every guest here is God.”

11:55—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey: Lahore.

15:16—Question and answer.

19:45—Papa Ramdas.

20:10—“And this is making God the Only Being, not a philosophy, not a theology, not a dogma, not a creed—a feeling, a recognition. I said last night God made man in His image, and we’ve had some terrible things creep into it. Where did hell get into the picture? Where did sinner get into the picture? Where did all these things come in? How did they get there!? They came when man became ignorant.”

22:12—Magnetism and healing.

23:22—Murshid Sam on healing: put beads over place of pain (stomach, headache) and chant Allah
(20 times).

25:44—Initiates’ class begins. Murshid asks for impression regarding Ya Rahman.

26:24—“I want to know what you felt, not what you think…. As the feeling grows, so you grow.”

28:42—“What you are doing, not thinking is Ya Rahman.”

28:55—“As soon as you intellectualize it, you miss it.”

30:00—Ya Malik.

32:22—“Now, anybody here that thinks they are suppressed or frustrated by personalities, they can repeat this.”

33:24—“God works in all kinds of ways, and they are not always mysterious, but we make them so because we like to make it that way. Very practical, right in front of us.”

34:00—Zikr: La El La Ha El Allah Hu and Le El La Ha El Il Al Lah Hu.

36:14—Linguistics lesson: origins of “Yahudi.”