Murshid teaches and comments from HIK: The Path of Initiation and Discipleship, Chapter 2, the Meaning of Initiation.

0:00—Allah Chant.

0:42—“You see, the Sufi teacher’s a little bit different from the other teachers, the teacher and pupil are not separate. They are part of the same one big personality, and the success of the pupil is the success of the teacher, and the success of the teacher is the success of his teacher, not of himself. So that the only way one can succeed is by seeing his pupils succeed.”

2:30—Cretona (center of the Pythagoreans).

3:24—Jeffrey Hodgson.

5:08—“Of course I belong to a school where if you’re found imitating yourself, you get a crack in the wacker.”

5:23—Reads: Path on Initiation and Discipleship.

7:07—Talks about his God-daughter Nancy Fish’s appearance on TV game show as relevant to reading.

9:10—Richard Halliburton.

9:50—Resumes reading.

11:10—Murshid Sam spiritual journey: Initiation as spiritual teacher of the hippies.

12:34—Resumes reading.

13:20—Talks about his initiations.

14:30—Reads a short section of Message of Spiritual Liberty—God (a slight variation of the text?)

15:38—“I’m not giving a theoretical theological God, but One which is full of those things which belong to man.”

16:40—Paul Reps.

19:03—Murshid Sam attuned to occultism.

20:39—Talks about working with a pupil.

21:40—Disputes with a spiritual teacher is never any good.

23:50—Methods of correcting bad behavior.

25:55—Talks about “Darood” and Invocation: Toward the One.

27:22—Guided meditation “Toward the One” Darood.

29:11—Peace brings you the power.

30:40—Refers writing to Art Hoppe and pessimisms in papers.

32:16—“The only things I would teach them would be patient breathing, No Mental Suggestions! I don’t even want to give you out of my past experience. I want you to have your own and build up on it. It would be better than my past but on the same principles.”

33:00—Paul Reps/akashic records.

35:05—Murshid Sam and circle of peers initiations.

36:35—Reads from Hazrat Ali: Remember the limited few of the Upper Class will never answer your call in the hour of need. They will endeavor not to follow the path of justice and equacy but demand more than their lawful share and will not be grateful for the good done to them. In adverse times, they will be perturbed and worried but will not repent of their mistakes. It is only the common man who is the backbone of religion and the country. He is the one who fights the enemies; therefore, remain close to the public and keep their welfare always in mind. Murshid Sam: “This must have been Mao Tse Tung in some former life.”

38:30—“If you want to be a saint, you have to get your fingernails dirty.”