Murshid closes the evening with more Ramdas Speaks readings, comments on various topics, and offers an aural meditation on Krishna.


0:33—“You notice what I told you from Buddha…. What Buddha ultimately practiced was love and joy and peace and serenity…. We have this as experience. I hope some of you are getting this as experience. It is my duty to raise your experience in this field. It is not my duty to give you moral injunctions or commandments on this or this or this. In extreme case, this is done but I’m afraid I’m a very lazy guru because I don’t like to waste time doing that. I’d rather waste time as sometimes I say from 'Alice in Wonderland.' Let’s have some more tea.”

1:15—“When I came back from my trip around the world and wanted to tell Nyogen Senzaki what happened. I asked him a single question and in that question was all my experience. And soon as I asked the question, he knew what it meant: he said, 'Let’s have some tea.' And with that was communion.”

1:38—Murshid’s inheritance of Senzaki’s things.

2:26—Watching Nancy Fish on TV game show.

5:35—Music/sound meditation: Krishna.

13:40—Questions and answers.


16:12—Murshid’s Buddhist robes.

19:20—Correction of breath.