Readings are from Ramdas Speaks.

Audio has intermittent minor hum.


2:30—“There is no such thing as logic anyhow. Logic is the consistent way of trying to prove you’re right and the other fellow is wrong. I make a statement every now and then that the fun difference between men and women is that men are logical and women are not, and this is very unfortunate for the men.”

4:20—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey: Cairo (American University: talks about mantram.


7:15—Swami Ramdas.

8:18—Paul Reps always trying to convert me.

9:06—Paul Brunton.

9:39—Chant Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram.

11:07—Talks about Papa Ramdas and Mataji Krishnabai.

13:30—Nyogen Senzaki started speaking in pidgin English masking his intellect when he started his zendo—PhD, master in six languages—the real masters never behave like masters.

15:24—Ramdas’ last days.

17:11—“We only have one guest at dinner, God. He comes in various guises, and various stomachs, and various looks, and so on. It’s only God and He multiplies Himself when—He sits down at the table and it’s all over. Every meal here is as if God was the guest.”

17:39—“There’s only two things we forbid here: cold feet and empty stomachs.”

18:00—“I don’t care how many superiority complexes a person has, But when they have inferiority, we get rid of them.”

18:50—Reads Ramdas.

21:20—Lord Buddha’s breath practices (healing cold feet).

28:24—“These are the practices which Lord Buddha taught, and which the world has developed using the word ‘Hinayana’ in contempt. And I have never found these practices failed. And I have found many of the practices have been substituted for just worthless trash...made worse by them using contempt to those things which succeed. Now these are written in books, anybody can read them, but my efforts to read Buddhist scriptures to Buddhists has been hopeless. However, therefore, I read Buddhist scriptures to others. When Master who gave me this came here, he found I was the only one who knew his mantram, and the only one who knew his scriptures. Oh, we had lots of advanced Buddhists alright, all over the place. This is Lord Buddha’s method that he taught. We later on have the method which he learned. This is the one which he taught. And he constantly said if your method doesn’t work, use another one. No good Buddhist would do that! When the method doesn’t work, you develop an inferiority complex, and you blame yourself, never blame the method. Some of our greatest scientific discoveries have come about when the men had gumption enough to blame the method instead of themselves and tried something else, found something that’s working. I find this works, ‘cause we can develop on it, we can spread serenity and that’s going to be the only way we’re ever going to have peace. Peace for yourselves, this is what I call Hinayana Buddhism, which is not fair of course. Peace for others is what I call Mahayana Buddhism, but the same practices of Lord Buddha. Now if you do these practices, you will find yourself better self-control.”