As the evening continues, Murshid talks about his travels on his spiritual journey.

0:00—Class listens to Indian sitar music.

4:15—Music in India.

5:20—Krishna/Gita Govinda.

7:30—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey: India and Pakistan (Murshid the trickster).

9:58—“One of my unspoken commandments is: Thou shalt not starve … if I don’t let others starve, they won’t let me starve, and that has certainly been the case.”

10:22—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey: East Pakistan.

14:15—Talks about inequality “equal law.”


18:21—“I believe God is in the high and the low, the rich and the poor, and everybody and the nobodies, it’s all the same.”

20:00—“I was the first simple citizen in history to be a guest of honor at the Imperial Cemetery before the ashes of Lord Buddha on the top of the holy mountain, and finally at the imperial grounds themselves where neither vice president Humphrey or vice president Nixon were invited. For this, the State Department has never forgiven me, and this is my history, this is my history. I still don’t know how it happens, but this is my history.”

20:50—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey: Egypt and Nasser

21:54—The power of the word.

24:15—Difference between a Christian minister and a Vedantist.

28:25—On meeting spiritual teachers.