The evening begins with a class on breath practices and expands into various subjects.

0:00—Murshid discusses his teaching method.

2:25—Breath practice.

3:34—Yoga exercise.

6:30—Paul Reps—Breath practices of Zen Flesh, Zen Bones.

10:20—Questions and answers.

12:27—Real Sufism.

14:44—Playing modern music at different speeds/on modern music.


17:00—Nyogen Senzaki and Buddha Hridaya.

17:55—Talks about Father Blighton and Church of Mans.

19:42—About visiting psychiatrist Dr. Baker.

20:15—The teacher seeks nothing, gives everything.

21:21—Ramdas: the greater capacity for love, the greater for joy, the greater for joy the greater…

21:40—“Don’t give for the sake of sentiment, you have to have strength in order to be able to give properly or you give foolishly. You have to feel you are right, and you must never never bring giving and getting together. They must be independent in every way, otherwise it is commercialism. Jesus said 'freely give freely receive.' You are giving to God and you are receiving from God, but the particular man or men, you don’t make an equation, you understand?"