In a Dharma Night class at The Church of Mans, Murshid speaks on the alteration of Lord Buddha’s teachings and on healing.

1:12—“Now, the first thing you learn from Buddhists is that Buddha taught that every doctrine that he taught was subject to review and rationale, and if you didn’t agree with it, you had a right to challenge him. And in all my nearly 50 years of studying Buddhism, only once has this ever occurred, and I myself was the one who did the challenging. Nobody seems (prepared?) to challenge anything! If a man got up, he is an authority. And so anything is taught as being Buddhism. And so with all good respects to any religion of Lord Buddha or any organization, how can a religion which teaches absolutely anything control the world? Second thing is, Lord Buddha spoke against the persistence of ego-substance. And 90% of the so-called Buddhists will argue there is no ego-substance and act like there is, and act more like there is than a Christian will.”

4:27—Reads Buddhist text (?) (Professor Von Plotz?) Subject: union with Brahma.

9:51—Buddha’s Yoga practice.

13:10—Father Paul (Earl) Blighton speaks on practice.

16:51—Murshid Sam: speaks on salvation and liberation.

24:22—Speaks on awakening of joy.

26:23—Beatitudes are based on the existence of joy in us.

27:00—Father Blighton speaks.

28:02—Murshid Sam defines “supernatural.”

29:52—“Comfort ye my people … and it is on this point that I find myself in total opposition to practically all evangelists. You don’t scare people into anything connected with God. You can scare them out of certain irrationality; you can scare them out of certain vices with no more or no less effort (…?) than you do certain treatments of the insane.”

31:07—Doctor Ru.

34:17—This is not a school of comparative theology.

35:00—The Beatitudes are realities.

36:40—“What cancer is: envy, jealousy, malice, ill-will, complicated of course a little by wrong dieting and lack of exercise.”

37:00—“Ramakrishna took upon himself … the suffering of the people all around him.”

37:55—“To get rid of cancer in humanity, I’m suggesting we practice some of the things I’m saying: joy to the world, the Lord is come.”

41:15—Jesus the Savior and Healer.

42:00—About his mother’s ill-will.