This is a recording of an organizational meeting with mureeds over dinner. Naturally, spiritual teachings are intertwined. Murshid emphatically comments on the use of “backbone” in Walks and Dances.

0:00—Contributions toward secretarial compensation?

3:50—Discusses finances.

5:00—Sufi delight (one dish on the menu).

6:00—Meal time.

6:30—Scheduling teachings.

7:20—Discusses teaching Walks/Dances.

9:00—“And yet, as I’ve mentioned before, they’ve got to use the backbone. Almost anyone coming to me and asking me to teach them spiritual dancing that hasn’t been disciplined in backbone, is out of the question. Absolutely out of the question. But those of you who are dancing as a career, if there is slightly wrong with the backbone, I will give you the lessons in how to get it proper.”

10:58—“God has given me a very definite mission.”