Murshid reads Ramdas stories and offers Lord Buddha’s Yoga meditation.

0:00—Questions and answers.

00:14—Question: have you any answers? Answer: “I have all the answers. I always have. You don’t know me very well. My IQ is 50.1, and I know very few questions, but I know all the answers. I wouldn’t dare say that unless I knew that, exact opposite of what generally takes place.”

1:10—Tranquilizing the mind.

2:15—Lord Buddha’s meditation and teaching.

12:10—Ramnam chant.

15:17—Pronouncement/ announcement.

17:09—“The chant I just gave you is practiced in India by Ramdas, whose stories I’m going to read now. Ramdas didn’t do exactly what I do—Give you love, joy, peace. He starts peace, joy, love, and if you want to make a difference of them why you can do so—I don’t know any religion that doesn’t teach them but the only objection I have is which religion says it is the only one that teaches them. Islam always starts off: God is compassion and mercy. Forget it! I don’t you see, so I’m not a good Muslim. I like the compassion and mercy. And I have two lessons to the Christians which I can get throw out. The Bible definitely says one place that God is love and another place God is breath. And I think that’s the lesson you just had, isn’t it—Didn’t I give you a lesson on breath and didn’t I give you a lesson on love, huh? Exactly, that’s all religion is and that’s everything. I’m a little afraid we like some kind of theology, some kind of metaphysics. Ah, and I think that’s right, I do too, so I’m not going to object, but I never get fooled that that’s going to bring me enlightenment. Nevertheless, you have to say something afterwards, so you say those things, why not? “

20:00—Reads Ramdas story: Imitation is not the way.

22:56—Reads: Give up pride to attain God.

27:50—“… difference between Hinayana and Mahayana…. In Mahayana, the doctrine is in the heart. That is all. That is all—the doctrine is in the heart. This is going to put a lot of professors out of business.”