Murshid teaches HIK: Rasa Shastra, chapter 8, The Awakening of Youth and chapter 9, Courtship.

0:00—Rasa Shastra.



3:27—“I don’t charge $35 or even 35 cents for my super penta-cosmic yoga.”


6:15—Rasa Shastra, chapter 8, The Awakening of Youth Chapter 9, Courtship.

8:20—Business in love.

8:57—Continues reading.

14:50—Questions and answers.

16:40—Krishna visualization and auditory meditation.

22:15—Murshid Sam spiritual journey.

23:20—“Each religion has its own ideals, its own teachings, its own way of expressing and all of them are right in my book. There is no such thing as a wrong religion.”

25:35—“Show which person here whom God didn’t send to be my spiritual teacher.”

27:50—Reads Zen literature: A smile in his lifetime, talks on Zen.

31:18—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey: Zen in Japan.

34:00—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey: in Egypt.

35:41—Resumes reading.