Murshid Sam reads Ramdas stories.

Audio has an intermittent slight hum.

0:00—Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram.

2:20—Swami Ramdas.

2:48—A real master can scrub dishes and wash floors.

3:15—Meher Baba’s disciple.

4:15—Ramdas—Read from Equal Vision.

8:34—Lord Buddha’s yoga.


17:48—“If you didn’t believe in angels, you were damned; but if—You believed because you had an experience with them, you were doubly-damned.”

18:43—“When the pupil fails, the teacher’s at fault … and there’s no nonsense about that.”

19:00—“You don’t tell the pupil what you don’t do. You go and give them the chance to go with you.”

20:00—Eugene O’Neill—Lazarus Laughs.

21:00—Life and Love and Eternal Laughter.

23:12—Nyogen Senzaki—Seven forms of laughter.

23:40—Nyogen Senzaki—given Eighth form of laughter by Murshid Sam.

25:05—Vietnamese, story about meeting a real…

27:00—Vietnamese abbot.