Dharma Class at The Church of Mans continues with Q&A, comments on Zen, Christianity and ego.

Audio is recorded at a distance with hiss noise and room reverberation, then the sound improves somewhat.

0:00—Questions and answers continue—Murshid speaks freely about moving out of symbology into realization, about living experience, not symbols.


3:20—Spiritual transmission: letting go of ego and the teacher.

5:00—Sam comments about using Zen authority with pupil.

5:44—On Kundalini energy.

6:50—“Now, in the Buddha Hrdiya state, is to transform love, and compassion and even mercy to all people, and this is effective. And this is called, when it is effective, Dharma Transmission—not intellectual gospels, not philosophy, not speculation, nothing that separates anybody from anybody else. Just as the Bible says the rain shall fall on the just and the unjust, so we all breathe that same kind of air, we go through the same kind of weather,”

9:00—On Christian symbology—Fish and cross.

12:25—Questions and answers.

12:30—Father Blighton—Repentance.

14:35—On Mind and ego.

15:50—Thinking and individuality.

16:20—A deeper mind within the mind.

16:40—Thinking is increased when you get rid of ego.

18:00—Father Blighton.


19:35—“The object is to get the Mind of Christ, and then we find that the mind can grow and grow and grow and grow, but if we have to keep our own mind, we’ll depend only upon our own instincts, our own experience, our own common sense and we won’t get to the super-sense, which is right there in front of us all the time, when we let go.”

20:10—Father Blighton.

22:00—Murshid Sam and Alan Ginsberg.

24:40—“We all can learn life from all kinds of things, we are all restricted by that damnable word: freedom." Murshid Sam continues to expound on “freedom.”