In a Dharma Class at The Church of Mans, Murshid touches on a number of subjects: Jhanas (meditations), the Mind of Christ, and offers Lord Buddha’s breath practice.

Audio is recorded at a distance with hiss noise and room reverberation.

0:00—Tremendous difference between Christianity and Christ & Buddhism and Buddha.

4:45—What must “I” do to be saved? Error in Christian practice “I.”

6:50—Scribes and Pharisees.

7:30—Reads from latest publication from World Buddhist Federation with commentary.

10:50—Teachings on Jhanas.

12:20—The Mind of Christ.

13:00—Nyogen Senzaki on closing of Zen Center in San Francisco.

14:18—“What happens? The difference is this. You realize when Christ said “I am the vine and ye are the branches there of,” that is when this happens, this is the Hridaya. And when you get into that state of the beating heart … the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, the body is the temple where you can recognize your light.”

19:40—Breath and health.

20:50—Breath practice—Lord Buddha’s Yoga.

25:09—Questions and answers.

26:38—“Everything is within us in one sense or another, when you get into this Mind of Christ, when you get into this state of the deep meditation.”