Murshid reads HIK: Love, Human and Divine, 1—Philosophy, and HIK: Mysticism of Sound: The Silent Life (ether), (HIK works, page 458).

0:00—Pre-lesson: Murshid talks about his schedule.

5:14—Reads: HIK: Love Human and Divine: 1—Philosophy.

6:50—“If we could only realize God is the only teacher, that when we open ourselves, He speaks to us.”

7:30—Story about Russian love poetess.

8:34—Story: Murshid the trickster and Nijinsky.

11:53—Story: anti-communist Murshid at a party in Asia.

15:50—Mureed’s class starts.

16:00—Backbone exercise meditation: become aware of your backbone … practice this at home before a mirror, breathe in like it is going up.

17:49—Class stands and forms two semi-circles in the room.


20:24—Reads and comments on HIK: Mysticism of Sound: The Silent Life (ether), HIK works, page 458.

24:48—Leads Ether breath using Ya Salaam Fikr.