The evening continues with Buddhist meditation and readings from Ramdas.

0:00—Om Sri Ram chant.

2:07—Reads Ramdas.

4:09—Mother Krishnabai.

8:25—Lord Buddha’s practice.

12:06—Zen stick.

12:50—Lord Buddha’s Jhanas (meditations).

19:40—Questions and Answers.

20:30—Nyogen Senzaki.

21:13—“Religion is the means of organization to nullify the teachings of the man they claim to be worshipping.”

23:00—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey.

25:00—“More power comes from two things: love and peace. These are the two things that give you power. Don’t think that anything else gives you power. They don’t! They give you a loan which looks like power which you have to pay back to the bank of life.”

25:33—Dr. Ravi Krishna.