Murshid reads and teaches from his “Ten Lessons on the Walks.”


0:42—Murshid’s life.

3:00—Lesson on “pre-walks” exercises.

3:54—Backbone with breath.

6:57—Concentrating standing up.

9:45—Concentrating on straight lines.

10:33—Two types of straight lines: up and down.

11:31—Identifying with straight lines.

13:50—Questions and answers.

14:15—Concentration on incense stick.

15:25—Life up the spine.

15:45—“Complications may be wonderful to some people but what do they mean..? Is it real?”

16:35—Force up the spine and down the arms.

17:10—Murshid Sam story: Tree removal.

18:48—Breath exercise up and around.

20:00—Questions and answers.

21:10—Actualizing: identifying actions with your life.

21:45—Air breath practice.

25:20—One rule about walking: thou shalt not get tired.

26:41—Lifting from bow.


29:07—Reads Murshid Sam’s "Ten Lessons on the Walk 1."