Murshid reads HIK Volume 11, Philosophy, Psychology, Mysticism & The Soul, Whence and Whither. His commentary and teachings offer a wide field of topics.

There is an intermittent hum with some warbling on the recording.

0:00—Murshid reads.

2:53—“Perception is the sign of the wise, and quotation is the sign of the ignorant.”

3:24—Martin Luther and nufs.

3:49—“When you can overcome lust, greed and anger, then you are very strong, and then they become your servants. When you see them outside, so people are always against the devil, they are always against Iblis, they are even against nufs, that’s the insidiousness of the lower nature of man. It verbalizes instead of actualizes, and it makes realities out of words and it goes to war with them and does nothing else.”

7:11—“For this reason, I refuse to accept the Soto Zen teachings, which omit the other two completely (philosophy and psychology). They go directly into mysticism without (?). When I was in Gakuji Rinzai temple, they wouldn’t let most people go in there unless they had a complete background, then they go into the mysticism. Nothing elementary.”

8:37—“Now all of you who are my disciples, I am presenting this for you to do. Make a record of your impressions, your prayers, your desires, your wishes and see when they come about, and how they come about. After a while when you have intuitive character, you will see a directness into nature without the words (“man seeing direct into nature”?)—You’ll have impressions and you will know what to do. Now when this happens, you live in a world of self-understanding and then other people-understanding. When you have that understanding, you will progress because you will develop your own self confidence. We all have this power to be impressed, power to feel, and to have this sort of selfless knowledge. Now some may have it already, and when you have it, you should be encouraged, it should be cultivated. It is better to teach you or to show you how you can see and now you can think, because a good deal of what we call thinking, is an obstacle to understanding.”

10:27—Slum clearance.

14:50—Psychic cleansing from illness.

18:58—Gratefulness for secretaries.

21:00—Murshid Sam’s travels in Egypt: gold.

23:10—Phra Sumangalo.

25:18—Sufi Invocation—Concentration.

29:00—“The hippie problem.”

30:44—“When you have love of man without love of God, you have what we call, roughly speaking, humanism. When you have love of God without love of man, then you have piety.”

32:50—Challenge by Meher Baba disciple.

35:00—Tranquility in storms.

35:35—Forest fire teaching: Listen to God.

39:35—“I killed Nyogen Senzaki.”

40:44—HIK’s tomb.

41:45—“Spiritualism is a limitation, dealing with the finite.”