Murshid continues reading the biography of Hazrat Inayat Khan and Religious Gatheka 17, teaches “Ya Shaffee/Ya Khaffee,” and talks about the linguistics of Zikr.

0:00—Continues reading and commenting on biography of Hazrat Inayat Khan.

0:28—Ruth St. Denis, the essence of spiritual dancing.

4:25—Sufi music from India: highest I’ve heard from a spiritual point of view.

5:25—Criticizes various points of the biography text, explains connection to chain of Sufis and spiritual hierarchy, rising above distinctions and differences.

11:00—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey: India, Rihani Kurachi (sp?).

14:24—Reads Religious Gatheka 17.

14:48—“Divine Truth does not belong to any organization. If I organize here, it will be organized under the title of “Islamia Ruhaniat Society.” That is the complete teachings of spiritual sciences which lead to realization of peace. And as I’m working with my colleagues in other faiths, this will demonstrate this. And we are not going to be called Sufis to distinguish us from somebody else. This point, I differ from the several organizations which have disciples who think they are Sufis, a term which they would … which horrified people in the Orient or in North Africa—Absolutely horrified them.”

17:27—Complaint about Western Orientalists.

20:00—Questions and answers

22:38—God’s laws.


26:37—Murshid teaching his mureeds—Ya Shaffee Ya Khaffee.

27:46—Teaching chanting—Zikr: La El La Ha El Il Al Lah.

29:00—His realization in linguistics class.