Murshid reads and comments from HIK: Religious Gatheka 17, Edwin Arnold’s Pearls of the Faith, and the biography of Hazrat Inayat Khan.


2:19—Wazifa practice with Murshid.

6:50—Two forbidden things: empty stomachs and cold feet.

7:30—“We try to limit the prohibitions and inhibitions here to a minimum. If there is something wrong with you, it is corrected through the breath, or sometimes through meditation, and not through sermons.”

9:14—“The church I am going to organize, there will be no heretics. Nobody can be guilty of heresy, and unfortunately, this is always said verbally and part of the way of doing things. How can anybody be kicked out of a communion who breathes. Breathing is the divine communion. You realize that? As long as we breathe, we’re taking in God.”

11:00—Paul Reps’ idea for a school.

11:40—Sri Aurobindo.

13:19—Huston Smith.

15:28—Reads and comments from biography of Hazrat Inayat Khan.

20:46—Murshid Sam’s Spiritual journey: India—Monkey and cat method.

24:44—Sufis in Egypt.

26:24—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey: his history of meeting the Theosophists, Rabia Martin, and Kabbalah studies.

30:05—Sri Aurobindo’s predictions.