Murshid continues with teachings on Bayat. With the break, non-mureeds are dismissed. Murshid then offers Bayat to several mureeds.

0:00—“I don’t know, when I come back to it, whether I met a single sanctimonious spiritual teacher in any culture.”

1:50—Reads from Rumi the Persian by A. Resa Arasteh: Rebirth of Love and Creativity, an Analysis of Rumi, Chapter: A Quest for Final Integration.

3:55—Questions and answers.

11:06—Break and class for mureeds begins.

11:33—Invocation and naming of Jayanara.

13:35—Ten Sufi Thoughts and Three Sufi Purposes, read by mureeds.

16:35—Bayat of several mureeds.

25:45—Addresses mureeds.


35:15—Questions and answers.


39:21—Talks to mureeds about “walks,” psychic sciences, and backbone.