This evening concludes with Bayat of several mureeds. Murshid reads and comments on HIK: The Path of Initiation and Discipleship, Chapters 1 & 2.



0:42—Sobriety and ecstasy, two states of mystics.

1:02—Long commentary regarding Zen and Sufi writers.

2:12—Joe Miller.

4:02—Zen teachers, commentary.

4:47—Master To Lun.

5:51—Rev. Neville Warwick.

10:41—Either love or not love.

11:52—“When you have life, you have love. When you have love, you have life.”

12:32—Reads from The Path of Initiation, chapter 1.

13:32—Mohammed, code of ethics.

14:22—Reads 9th initiation—Akhlak Allah.

16:22—The majority of Sufis belong to the laborer’s class.

19:44—Discusses the previous evening’s “free-for-all” with attendee—Claiming illumination and “claiming superiority.”

22:12—Continues reading.

23:32—Sobriety and ecstasy.


24:37—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey: Lahore.

26:17—“But then something un … well, impossible happened. Oddly impossible … the madzubs came to me. Imagine, an American. They came to this person, and that’s the greatest blessing you can tell. And I knew what it meant … because I was sent back here to bring you the spiritual teachings to the increase of capacity and experience in love, joy and peace, and this is the basis of wisdom, not content.”

27:06—“If you understand me perfectly and don’t understand yourself, you’ll flunk the course; and if you understand yourselves and don’t understand me, you graduate. What do you think of that for a philosophy!”

28:32—Ritual and vision: comments.

30:02—Warwick: Ritual of healing
33:52—“Now there are some things that the teacher does not do. He does not try to change a point of view in politics, economics, generally philosophy, not always. He doesn’t try to change it very much in religion, He doesn’t try to change his point of view in art, and in a lot of things like that. In fact, he may encourage different people who have different points of view so they can expand them. And so, if you look for the teacher’s individual point of view, you may not find it. Or you say: he’s terribly inconsistent.”

36:46—Paul Reps: Meta-language.

42:42—“What is the secret on the part of the Oriental philosophy and the Far East? Your actions and your words are identified. You don’t say one thing and do something else.”

43:49—“For every idle word, you shall suffer on the Day of Judgment.”

45:32—Murshid Sam’s spiritual journey: Egypt.