Murshid comments on the reading of HIK: The Soul Whence and Whither: HIK works, page 327. Along the way, he touches on philosophy, health, Zen practice and several teachers.

0:00—Chanting Allah Hu.

1:07—Commentary on Zikr of different schools of Sufism.

2:05—Commentary on Whirling Dervishes.


4:42—Reads from his notes referring to HIK: The Soul Whence and Wither: Manifestation: HIK works, page 327.

6:50—Murshid speaks about devitalized carbohydrates, white sugar, white starch, white rice.

7:35—About consuming mineral salt.

7:57—Reads and comments HIK: the Soul Whence and Whither: refer HIK works, page 327.

11:43—Ryazat: Mirror mirror on the wall, I’m the fairest one of all.

13:27—Comment on destructive philosophy of Hegel.

13:52—On Thoreau.

14:41—On Maharishi.

15:27—Comments on error of “sitting like statues” practice of San Francisco Zen Center.

16:16—Dr. Chaudhuri: Meditation is drinking in the universe, not getting rid of it.

16:32—“And you begin to realize that Emptiness is not Emptiness, and when you get rid of your own ego-thoughts, you can take in anything, but you don’t become idiots. You become sages.”

17:27—The things we could do before we had “freedom” (commentary on free speech suppression).

19:21—Questions and answers: on indifference/ adjust—Give up one set of discomforts for another.

20:47—Emotional involvement.

22:43—Resumes reading and commenting.

33:47—On Krishnamurti.

35:15—Papa Ramdas.

36:30—Talks about Janet (great soul) and Master To Lun.