Murshid reads from James Eugene Wagner’s writings and teaches about Hinayana Buddhism.

0:00—Murshid reads Wagner.

1:44—Martin Luther King/Mahatma Gandhi’s deaths.

2:20—Continues reading.

2:44—James Eugene Wagner—My spiritual nephew.

2:57—Reads Hinayana text.

4:09—Anti-Jewish movement.

5:09—“We are all out to correct somebody else and as long as we are out to correct somebody else, you are going to have more Martin Luther Kings murdered-assassinated.”

6:45—Buddha’s practices: commentary.

8:24—Lord Buddha’s practice.

11:45—Resumes reading.

14:00—Meeting with Buddhists regarding Lord Buddha’s teaching.

19:30—Lord Buddha’s yoga practice: first three breaths—Love, Joy, Peace (for yourself).

20:50—Then, Serenity breath (for your surroundings).

23:25—“Buddha means the enlightened one, and the difference between Hinayana and Mahayana is this: between the one who can enlighten himself and the one who can enlighten others. When you are at peace, you enlighten yourself. When you have serenity, you enlighten others. Is that clear?”

24:20—Timothy Leary.

25:00—“I have been authorized by masters to see the Dharma is kept pure. I am as opposed to defamation of one religion or as another. And people defame religions until they become popular and they don’t realize what they are doing.”

25:58—“I happen to be on the path at the time being, not of the Buddha himself but of the Bodhisattva Fudo, whose mission I am following which is to keep the Dharma pure, to correct those who defame it consciously or unconsciously. I have earned my stick by that method.”